Mario Santise

I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams!

Mario Santise born in ’91, an independent trader, began his training path in 2007 when he met Mariano La Rosa, at the time one of the world’s best traders with certified portfolio management, a collaborator of the great Michael Jenkins who collaborated on the study of the infamous WD GANN technique.

After completing his studies on the famous American trader ‘GANN’, Mario concentrated on studying the law of octaves, as well as the law of vibrations in general, sacred geometry, and all physical laws plus the entire basis of analogical psychology. He discovers that markets are nothing more than barometers of mass psychology and concludes that ‘markets are like atoms’. He then develops a system that identifies the main ‘mathematical forces’ that govern the structure through which the market moves.

He achieves performances of more than 50 percent in just under a working month (see figure below – 2021-2022 Global Cup Trading Championship). In addition to this, he constantly strives to enhance his individual spiritual path, remembering that money is crystallized energy. Markets are huge masses of energy that are constantly vibrating. If you are able to manage and control the flow of energy in and out of you and know the law of vibration that governs the movements between the highest and the lowest, you will be able to gain constantly and govern the markets. If not, the markets will govern you. Above all, delve into strict money management, the real secret of safe and profitable trading over time. He is currently working as a Senior Trader for a private fund of 10M in Dubai.